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Decorative Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing Orlando

The sun is a consistent part of life in Orlando Florida. It is either hot and rainy or warm and dry. It is the Sunshine State, after all. This is why you will see a lot of water-themed parks and attractions here. It is also the reason why many homeowners are investing in their own cool deck overlay Orlando and refreshing oases right in their backyards. A pool area is almost a necessity for residents in Orlando, making concrete pool deck Orlando resurfacing, installation, and maintenance two of the essential services in the area.

Deciding to install a deck for your swimming pool involves more than just picking a look. It requires careful planning and several details and factors for consideration. After the pool deck coating Orlando has been installed, you need to apply a proper maintenance routine to keep it in good shape for a longer time. These are just a few of the many things involved when owning a swimming pool and deck. Pool Deck Orlando understands this, and we made it our commitment to being a reliable one-stop-shop for all your concrete pool deck resurfacing needs.

What We Have to Offer

Pool Deck Repair

Like all other parts of a home, a concrete pool deck could get broken. It may be caused by weather changes, moisture issues, high traffic, or old concrete age. Whatever needs fixing, we can fix it for you. We offer reliable resurfacing and pool deck repair Orlando solutions for various types of damage.

Crack Repair

Cracks are the most common types of issues a concrete pool deck encounters. Whether it is a working or non-working crack, it needs to be dealt with immediately. Our staff is highly trained to evaluate cracks, to determine what’s causing them, and to apply the appropriate repair method.

stained concrete
Stamped Concrete

Acquiring a stone or brick deck has never been this easy and affordable. We offer stamped concrete services to recreate your pool deck with a pattern of your choice. Our experts specialize in flagstone, travertine, fractured slate, running brick, and more.

Sundek Classic Texture

Every pool owner wishes for a pool deck resurfacing that is cool to the feet and slip-resistant. These are what Sundek Classic Texture is known for. It makes use of an acrylic concrete coating that features a subtle but non-skid texture that stays cool under the heat of the sun.


The aesthetics of a pool deck is as important as its function. The way it looks can enhance the experience. Plus, it adds value to your property. Our team also specializes in refinishing methods that can enhance or improve the look of your concrete pool deck at a price you will love.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

The surface of the pool deck is the layer that is most prone to usage and damage. When it starts showing signs of deterioration, there is a way to improve it without changing the entire slab: resurfacing. We offer a variety of high-quality overlays and coatings for you to choose from.​

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Although I could invest more, the Pool Deck Orlando gave me a fair bid and it is amazing to see how outstanding the pool deck is now and how much they achieved in such a short time.
- David Stevens

Top-Rate Resurfacing Coatings and Overlays

Whether you plan to enhance, improve, or repair your concrete pool deck, you will find the right overlay or coating from our line of top-quality pool deck resurfacing Orlando materials. Here is a brief look at each one and the noteworthy benefits each one can offer:
Stamped Concrete

A stamped overlay is one of the most popular decorative concrete solutions for swimming pools and very good reasons. The overlay replaces the damaged top material of your Orlando pool surface. The pattern of your choice is then stamped on it, giving your deck a brand new look. You can choose from a variety of patterns and designs, such as flagstone, running brick, ashlar, and more. This overlay can be further customized with concrete staining, engraving, and custom scoring. A stamped concrete pool decking Orlando is known for its appealing aesthetics, slip-resistant surface, and ease of maintenance.

Sundek Classic Texture

Also called a spray knockdown texture, this acrylic concrete coating is specially designed for use on concrete decks. It is installed using a hopper gun, which sprays the material on top of the deck. But it doesn’t end there. The splattered material is knocked down with a trowel to create a texture that enhances the slip-resistance of the pool deck. One popular feature of this coating is its ability to stay cool even under very hot circumstances. It reflects heat to the air, keeping the surface cool. The air pockets created by the spraying and knocking down also allows cool air to circulate around your foot.

Stained Concrete

Everyone knows that raw concrete is not the most decorative materials for a pool deck, but it can be. Concrete staining is a process of coloring concrete with the use of either an acid or water-based stain. If you want a semi-translucent earthy hue with special stone-like effects, then an acid stain is highly recommended. If you want a consistent color in loud and bold colors, water-based stains can provide it for you.

Aside from using the appropriate material, hiring the best swimming pool remodeling Orlando company is also a crucial part of renovating pool decks. If installed properly, decorative pool decks will maintain its form and function for several years to come. The Pool Deck Resurfacing Orlando team is dedicated to providing long-lasting solutions. Each member of the team is trained and regularly up-trained to update their knowledge and skill in swimming pool concrete resurfacing, refinishing, and repair methods, all for the benefit of swimming pool owners in the Orlando Florida area.

Benefits of Decorative Concrete for Pool Decks

Here are some of the reasons why concrete resurfacing is beneficial to your Orlando pool deck:

Improved Slip-Resistance – It is not enough for swimming pool decks to be pleasing to the eye. Safety is first and foremost on our list which is why we offer decorative concrete solutions that improve slip-resistance. Our stamped concrete patterns and spray-down textures will help make the surface non-skid without compromising the comfort of walking barefoot.

diy pool deck resurfacing

Various Design Choices – Gone are the days when all you can do is choose tile colors and choose a pattern in which they should be arranged. The wide selection of design options offered by decorative concrete will definitely guarantee that the dream look you are aiming for will be realized. We offer a wide range of stamped concrete patterns, stained concrete colors and combinations, and more.

Tough and Durable Materials – It is a lot more challenging to restore pool decks because you only get to change the surface material. We make sure that we use only the finest material that can transform a swimming pool deck from damaged to dazzling with just a change in the top layer. You will be surprised at how incredibly durable our coatings and overlays are.

Affordability – A solution that works does not have to be expensive. We offer various services that cater to all price points.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable – Green is the “in” thing, and we make sure that every solution we provide is also a way to help make the world a better place. We offer environment-friendly solutions that are energy-efficient and cost-effective.

You deserve nothing but the best Orlando pool deck repair so we make sure that we don’t only meet your expectations but go a little bit further than that. We’ll provide you with the best pool remodeling project there is! Contact us now and receive a free quote!

Effective Concrete Pool Deck Orlando Services

Concrete decks are popular not only because they are affordable, but also because they are durable. But over time, as concrete ages, it can be susceptible to various types of damage. We offer different types of solutions to address different types of Orlando pool decks issues.
  • Crack Repair – Cracks can either be a one-time issue or a recurring one. They make a pool deck look unpleasant and dangerous. Whichever type your concrete pool deck has, our team can fix it up for you.
  • Resealing – Every concrete surface needs to be sealed to keep harmful elements from penetrating the slab and causing damage from within. Concrete sealers only last about a couple of years or so, depending on how often pool decks are used. We offer resealing services that will renew the protective layer and extend the lifespan of the pool deck.
Our team is very detail-oriented so we make sure that every task we do is done with utmost care and caution. It is important that we keep your family and our workers safe. This is why we only hire the best people who can do concrete work with skill, expertise, and precision. More than that, we also make sure that we take care of your property like it is our own. After every job, we clean up the mess we create so you can immediately enjoy your newly resurfaced or refinished pool deck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Price is between $3 and $8 per square foot. 

Yes, epoxy coating works especially when you have rough or cracked surfaces. 

Pool Deck Restoration and Renovation

The first sign of damage can be very frustrating for an Orlando pool deck owner. It may involve costly fixes that will take time to complete. It is important to remember that a pool deck can be restored and renovated. Not all types of damage lead to a slab replacement. Let’s take a more in-depth look.
Deck Restoration

A restoration often involves processes that enhance or improves the current state of the pool deck. This includes refinishing and repairs, which fixes up issues without requiring significant changes in its form and function.

Pool Deck Renovation

A renovation may involve the addition of new materials. It can change the form and revise the function of a pool deck. A majority of the old concrete slab is retained and a coating or overlay is added to update the look.

One of the most popular methods for addressing pool deck issues nowadays is a DIY. Most homeowners think that they could save money doing repairs on their own, but it is the opposite. A DIY does not offer the guarantee and warranty of a reliable fix as compared to what a decorative concrete company offers. If you mess up the job, you would have to do it all over again or finally decide to hire a pro. This is even more costly than hiring the pro in the first place. It is highly recommended to hire a professional to guarantee proper evaluation, the quality of work, and the material used.

An pool deck is a huge investment and every Orlando pool owner will do everything to protect it and keep it in good shape. But it does not have to involve expensive and time-consuming solutions. Pool Deck Orlando offers reliable pool deck resurfacing solutions at prices you will love. We have been in the concrete industry for over 30 years and we make sure that our team is regularly updated with the latest in decorative concrete resurfacing, refinishing, and repair methods and techniques. We want nothing more than to give you what you need and what you deserve in a concrete pool deck.

Planning for your dream Orlando swimming pool? Give us a call today! We are based in the Orlando FL area.

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