Natural swimming pools are all the rage at the moment. From Europe, the trend finally seems to have arrived in the US, where people are lining up at installers to get their new natural swimming pool.

natural swimming pool

But what exactly is a natural swimming pool? We break down what it is, how it’s different from a conventional swimming pool, why people love it,  and all the cool design features you can get with one.

Natural Pools 101

natural pool

What makes natural swimming pools different from the conventional pool we all know about? The main difference is that natural pools do not use any chlorine or chemicals in their maintenance, they instead rely solely on a built-in water garden that naturally cleans and filters the water.

A natural swimming pool is divided into two zones of almost equal measure. One zone is the pool where people can swim and the other zone houses the water garden that maintains the water. The zones are divided by a wall placed under the water’s surface that keeps mud and organic debris away from the swimming zone. And because aquatic plants can remove nitrates, you won’t have to worry about algae growing on the surface of the water. 

They are extremely popular because of their appeal to people who enjoy swimming in nature and to those who want an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional pools. But they also have a pull when it comes to the sheer aesthetic quality of water garden on your property.

Plants in the Water Garden

lily plant in the water garden

Natural swimming pools use three main types of water plants to ensure the quality and cleanliness of the water. The first type is floating plants, like lily pads. They not only help filter the water, but they also provide beauty and decoration to the surface of the pool.

They also need emergent plants like grasses, which thrive in natural swimming pools. Finally, underwater plants are extremely important for both filtering dirt and for giving the water oxygen.

Natural Swimming Pool Cost

Major contractors for natural swimming pools admit that the installation costs for this kind of swimming pool are often 10% more than conventional pools. While you pay more upfront for their installations, you don’t pay as much in maintenance as you do for regular pools where you have to pay for regular chlorine treatments and maintenance work.

For natural swimming pools, the only maintenance work you need to do is a regular trimming of plants as well as cleaning up sediments in the soil of the water garden.

Pool Deck Choices

Enthusiasts of poolside decorations and decking will be pleased to know that many of the options available for conventional pools are also available for natural swimming pools. You can choose from a variety of wood, stone, and concrete pool deck styles that are sealed to protect them from any moss growth.

If you are looking for pool deck and pool resurfacing Orlando contractors, we can install a new pool deck for your natural or conventional swimming pool.

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