When designing the steps around the pool, homeowners choose a stamped concrete pool deck Orlando. Even commercial pool owners would find installing stamped concrete overlays convenient as a decorative concrete accent to the pool deckings.


Suppose you have decorative concrete stamps around your swimming area or backyard pools. You might only need to update the design or refinish the application to make them look fresh and inviting. You can also contact your concrete contractors for professional help.
Here are stamped concrete Orlando ideas you can apply to your pool decks.

  1. Concrete Designs
  2. Wood Patterns
  3. Flagstone Patterns

Three Popular Pool Decking Designs to Adapt with Stamped Concrete Patterns

Today’s list will focus on three popular stamped concrete pool deck choices. Overall the stamping method gives distinct and natural-looking designs such as travertine, brick, slate, and other natural stone patterns.

1. Concrete Finishes

Concrete designs give the general look of a polished cement surface. Concrete decks and coping that look seamless is enough to make an attractive look to showcase around your pools.

2. Wood Patterns

Wooden stamped overlays are also popular pool decking designs as an alternative to natural wooden decks.
This is a good choice for those who find that the wooden floor is unsuitable. It could happen when the property has complex ground levels, and installing wooden planks can be challenging.

Also wood stamped pool deckings are a good option for decks sensitive to water exposure. A wet surface may cause the natural wood to rot and soften, and it may not be a good choice for areas that will experience more rain than on sunny days.

wooden pool deck

At least if you got wooden stamped decks, you will not need to worry about water soaking the materials. Since it is resurfaced with concrete finishing, the moisture would not leak into the slab’s core.

3. Flagstone Patterns

The idea of flagstone patterns is an inspiration you get from the sediments or river stones. Commercial pools would look like natural bodies of water by adding flagstone patterns on the decks.

You could also opt to use this design to replicate the look of expensive travertine. You could have a luxury pool using this design even at your residential property.

More Ideas…

Decorative concrete resurfacing our decks with stamped is a convenient way to level up the look of your swimming pool. Getting in touch with your local pool deck concrete contractors would also help you find the right choice and inspect the condition of the entire decks and pool coping. The best idea is to maintain a good pool condition. No matter what designs you use, make sure that the decks are safe and stable.

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