Beautifully crafted landscapes in your pool area are the results of decorative concrete. Exterior floors improve with stamped concrete Orlando. Stamping ideas for the pool and backyard are endless. That is why home and business owners love this type of flooring. 


To have the best of what outdoor stamping floors can offer, a wise owner weighs the pros and the cons. So what are these, and how can we know benefits you? Have a well-balanced understanding of concrete stamping in this article.


Stamped Floors: Overview


Stamping is a technique that improves the appearance of concrete flooring. Rubber stamps are pressed over a fresh concrete mix. The outdoor pavement is not bare anymore. It enhances with patterns that suit your taste and style as a property owner.

This flooring solution offers endless benefits. It makes outdoor floors durable and withstands extreme weather. They are perfect to be set up outside because it has a sturdy quality that maintains its strength and polished look overtime.

You might be thinking about what can go wrong with stamped concrete floors. First, know their potential disadvantages.

Cons of Stamped Concrete

As a top layer in this industry, our team wants you to have expertise in concrete products. Unlike others who only talk about the “good,” the cons here are for you to have better choices on concrete floors.

1- Limited Colors

The colors of stamped floors dominate the spectrum of the neutral and earthy tone. Unlike mosaic floors and tiles typical to outdoor floors, stamped limits the color options for you. 

2- Limited to Natural Stone Patterns

Not like your stained floors in your patio, stamped concrete stay true to its goal. It is to provide a replicate of natural stone colors and patterns. FLagstone, ashlar slate, and brick stamps are common. The outdoor motif only plays and works within these design categories.

3- Concrete Cracks

The first thing people rejoice about concrete is that it lasts long. It is weather and water-resistant. It is impact-resistant, too. So how come craking will occur.

Stamped and stamped overlays, in particular, are mono blocks of the cement floor. It has a seamless and polished surface, but it is a single, continuous slab on the floor. 

If compared to a tile or paver that comes in pieces of blocks attached side by side, it takes one crack at a time. Stamps cracked all at once. The factors to bear in mind are foot traffic and how often it is exposed to water elements in the pool. 

Also, one thing to consider is the installation process and the damaging environment. Uneven substrate around the concrete pool deck can increase cracking.


Pros- Stamping Benefits

For you to appreciate the befits of stamping, it is on purpose that the cons were mentioned. Now, have no worries because stamped remains a superior product. What disadvantages it has are also its advantages.

1- Adaptive Patterns and Designs

Concrete floors enhanced with stamping is perfect for you if you want more adaptive, versatile flooring patterns. Neutral and natural-looking floors are easy to maintain and incorporate styles with. 

No matter how many times you change your outdoor scheme, a stamped floor will never lose its appeal. The patterns and colors will not fade immediately, even if exposed around the watery pool decks.

2- Durable and Resistant

When compared to other flooring products, there is no more durable than concrete. Though it has the potential to crack, it rarely happens. About 95% of stamped concrete surpasses its expected lifespan. Most of the outdoor concrete had been passed down to generations. 

3-Cost-efficient & Easy to Maintain

When an overlay or a stamped floor reaches its lifespan and starts manifesting cracks, its solution is quick and simple. Overlay stamped fixes. It is pouring a fresh mix into existing concrete. 

It’s concrete over concrete. So the outcome is a sturdy footing that is seamless. It is polished and cleans using simple tools. 

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