Still undecided on which pool deck service is the best for your home? Choose stamped concrete pool deck Orlando! Regardless of whether your first-time installation of a deck or the concrete needs repairs on cracks or other damage, we do it for you. Combining versatility and cost-efficiency, people pick this overlay for their swimming pools over outdated materials.

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We serve all types of pool services. From interior flooring to concrete resurfacing, we provide beautiful and durable solutions for Florida residents. Contact us, and we will help you decide what works perfectly in enhancing your patio.

Ingenuity with safety

stamped-concrete-with-houseFor those curious about this deck design’s process, the answer already lies in its term– stamped.

This decorative concrete is done through imprinting stone textures over concrete slabs. These rubber stamps can be patterned into any style you want with proper installation. 

The stamping of your pool decks can either be:

  • Wooden
  • Travertine
  • Fractured slate
  • Seamless
  • Flagstone
  • Running brick
  • Ashlar that is a somewhat random brick pattern

Each pattern highlights the beauty of the existing space. If you aim to have a rustic and forest-like feel to your garden, complement the pool’s exterior with flagstone or ashlar. The decision is yours! Play around with different pool deck recolor Orlando and texture! Have your pool deck coincide with your property’s design for stunning results. 

Whatever options there are, know that your vision will only work best with stamped concrete pool deck Orlando. How? Besides the overlay’s style, our installation is guaranteed top quality.

Planning should not be limited to designs. Safety should also be a priority. This concrete is not only extremely decorative, but this material is also highly slip-resistant. This trait is essential for swimming pools that can quickly become dangerous zones. Our professional team will provide a non-skid grit additive to prevent slipping or falling before taking that plunge into the pool. Make sure that loved ones will avoid unwanted harm by choosing stamped concrete Orlando. 

Affordability without sacrificing comfort

Out of all pool decking materials, concrete is the most popular option, especially in sunny areas like Orlando. Decks made of this product are the cheapest option, compared to stone, wood, composite wood, tile, and pavers. Notice that stamping can mimic these expensive examples. Amazing right?

Picking the budget-friendly choice usually implies that comfort is sacrificed. This is not the case for the stamped concrete pool deck Orlando. Concrete floorings are comfortable to step on, even with bright sunny weather. This material absorbs heat well, unlike tiles.


Brushed concrete vs. stamped concrete

Experts have listed the pros and cons between brushed and stamped when it comes to decorative concrete. Both techniques provide low-cost and easy maintenance. Although broom-finished pool decks are more inexpensive, stamps have a smoother texture. It offers extra comfort for the barefoot.

Cost of stamped concrete pool deck in Orlando FL

If you refer to local public directories, stamped pool decks’ installations range from $3 to $5 per square foot. Meanwhile, up-to-date contractors will estimate that the complete project, material, and repair will cost up to $7 to $12 per square foot.

Now that we have a concrete idea of how much this project costs, it is crucial to consider hiring expert pool and concrete contractors in Orlando, like our team. Avoid wasting effort and resources with faulty concrete installations.

Sealing done by professionals is essential to assure the quality of your stamps. Projects overseen by experts determine an entire project’s success.

Receive your money's worth with stamped concrete pool deck Orlando! Reach us at (407) 505-5338 to receive the best overlay pool surface in your residential and commercial areas.

Does stamped concrete add value to your home?

Yes. Not only stamped concrete improves the visual appeal of your home but also is a good investment because it’s durable and long-lasting. 

Creditworthy with care

Installation is only the first step for this project. Repairing old decorative concrete is a different matter. Pool deck troubles are to be expected. These problems are usually crumbled concrete slabs, discoloration, and scaling.


No matter how resilient concrete is, it is still susceptible to cracks and tears. Exposure to chemicals from the pool’s water, extreme heat, and other harsh elements increase the risk of damage. Hence, the constant need for concrete resurfacing.


Luckily, we consist of professionals equipped with up-to-date knowledge and experience! They ensure to give an appropriate solution for each problem mentioned above! Do not let trouble ruin your home-build oasis. Hire us, and we will make those damaged concrete pool decks look good as new.

Pool Deck Orlando is a proud member of Orlando community. We are committed to create better residential and commercial properties through concrete restoration, masterful craftsmanship, and smart design.
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