Like your pool decks, outdoor concrete floors can revive their gloss and shine even after being exposed to heat and pool water chemicals. A stained concrete Orlando recoloring technique provides a way to adapt damaged surfaces and give birth to durable and beautiful steps.

Now you might ask, “can old concrete be stained?” Yes. That goes for both interior and exterior concrete. Concrete staining is coloring the surface using acid or water-based stains to get a natural stone effect. 

How can you give life back to old concrete? Browse today’s blog to guide you all about concrete staining or recoloring pool decks!

When Life Runs Out of the Pool Deck

The number one sign to see telling you the concrete surfaces need revitalizing is fading. The color washed-out and the gloss got drowned in the dullness. 

Outdoor concrete is prone to heavy use and traffic. This is especially true for commercial pools. The discoloration is not what you only need to pay attention to. The fading concrete surface also means that its protective coating is diminished. It loses slip-resistance overtime. Staining also provides adequate sealing that concrete decks need, preventing other forms of damages.


Aside from color fading, here are other signs to see telling you the pool deck needs a breath of fresh dyes and sealers.


  • The slimy, grimy surface starts to make feet slip and skid on the poolside.
  • Pool edges turning green.
  • Pool water clouds fast, and murky water emerges often.
  • Hair-thin cracks crawl, spreading over the surface.
  • Sinking surfaces. Watery steps that do not dissipate under high heat.
old concrete

The Process of Concrete Staining for Pool Decks

For you to get a water-clear view of how staining pool decks takes place, there are three easy steps for you to know.


Always, it is necessary to prepare the surface for any refinishing or repairing job. A thoroughly prepared slab will produce a seamless surface. There should be no residues or flakes of old coatings. Grind and polish the surface if necessary.


Once you get a perfect, polished concrete, you now apply the stain of your choice. Acid or water =-based stain can work for both indoor and outdoor concrete.

If you are not sure how to manage the staining solutions, it is wise for you to call the experts. You can also tell the expert pool contractors who will do the staining how much dye or coloring you like. You can achieve a light, whitewashed texture and look. If you opt for a water-based stain, you can go for the coloring’s loud and deep tones.


Sealing as the final step for recoloring pool decks is necessary. This part of every outdoor concrete resurfacing. A mix of acrylic or epoxy sealer will cover the concrete surface through spraying. An expert pool installer will coat the pool deck’s top layer to secure the colors splashed onto the surface. It will make it last long and withstand heat. You can use a flexible epoxy sealer to prevent brittle coating when hit by the sun’s UV light.

A Seal of Approval

Staining is simple. It produces a glossy, polished surface. Don’t hesitate to seek the professional’s guidance. If you aren’t sure of how a technique will work out, call the experts. Search for the procedure and know the necessary steps before plunging into any pool project.

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