Want to replace your dull and old pool deck but don’t want to spend too much? Pool deck resurfacing is the answer—no need to tear down the whole slab of existing concrete on and pour in a new one. Do you live in the Sunshine State, specifically in Orlando? Pool Deck Orlando has got you covered.


Maybe you have a pool that you used to love hanging out on. However, time and the elements have faded away from its beauty. And as a result, you rarely use that area anymore because even your love for it has faded away. We understand how much people love their pools, especially during the summer. And, in Orlando, FL, almost every day is a summer day. This is why we want to give you the best solutions to your pool deck problems to revamp your mini-getaway during the hottest days.


With pool resurface Orlando, we do careful planning, meticulous installation, and proper maintenance. We are the best in all these areas.

Call (407) 505-5338 today, and let's start rebuilding that pool deck! From installation or pool remodeling, and maintenance, we'll give you a free estimate.

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What is pool deck resurfacing?

Pool deck resurfacing is the process of either repairing crack and damaged concrete or simply updating its appearance. Not only those but resurfacing also make your decks safer. We want to dive into the water, not on concrete. Resurfacing needs minimal construction work as compared to other pool deck improvements. And, it gives maximal improvement when done right.

How are pool decks resurfaced?

It is best to contact professionals if you want your deck resurfaced. We will help you decide which option is best suited to your pool’s needs. Here is a brief overview of popular pool deck resurfacing options:

• Refinish. This involves applying something as simple as paint on your existing pool pavement. This is the cheapest method. However, even with low traffic, this resurfacing type does not last long. it is an instant facelift of your deck.

• Spray. This is one of the most popular choices. Usually, it is a mixture of adhesives and additives to create or add more texture to an existing surface. The Sundek Classic Texture is the most famous type of this. This is commonly referred to as the knockdown finish.

• Overlay. Stamped concrete overlay is the best option if you want a durable and long-lasting solution to your pool deck resurfacing. Concrete is customizable. It can use stamps or stains to replicate the look of less durable yet expensive stone options.
Many of today’s overlay products blend resins with cement, sand, and other additives. Resin is a product that enhances a surface’s performance. The floors become slip-resistant; it receives flawless appearance and a strong bond to the existing concrete. Some coatings used for concrete pool deck resurfacing resist other forms of damages. This includes reaction from salt, pool chemicals, exposure to UV rays, freezing damages, and extreme abrasion.

What are the benefits of pool deck resurfacing on my Orlando pool?

Customizability. Gone are the days when the only finish of concrete is either rough and safe, or smooth and unsafe. Can you imagine polished concrete as a pool deck? Either you want to upgrade your pool’s function or enhance its form, pool resurfacing Orlando is your solution.

It can be stamped to create the patterns you want and need. It can be made to mimic any material, including stones or even wood. Stamps come in a distinct texture that increases the safety features of the deck.


Safety. A beautiful pool deck should not be your end-all-be-all when building or rebuilding it. Safety should be a priority. Decorative concrete resurfacing makes your pool safer because it makes it slip-resistant. For finishes, rubberized paint can be sprayed onto the existing surface. 

For sprays, a knockdown finish produces a rigid texture to male a less slippery floor. Cool deck finish is not only to keep your feet cool while walking up and down the pool area. This is also a non-slip feature because it creates a tiny air pocket for that non-skid surface.


Affordability. The most effective solutions do not have to be the most expensive ones. Resurfacing your Orlando pool is much more cost-effective. It does not need an all-out renovation. There is also no need to replace the complete slab of concrete. We will coat, spray, or pour on your choice of materials. And, it will be done in a jiffy. You can bask in the sun and enjoy your pool quicker if you decide to take action on your pool deck.

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What services do we offer?

Pool Deck Repair. Like all concrete surfaces, your concrete pool deck may chip, crack, break, mostly when not professionally done. We will give you the solutions you need at a fair price, never over. We offer pool deck repair solutions that provide the most satisfactory results.


Crack Repair. Pool deck cracks are the most common problem for pool owners. Be it an insignificant or significant crack; we are experts in assessing and addressing these problems. We make sure to stop these cracks from their tracks and prevent further and bigger damages to your deck.


Stamped Concrete. If you want to renew your pool deck entirely but do not want to spend too much, this is the best choice for you to make. Stamped concrete does not need demolishing existing slabs. At the most, existing slabs will be textures with chisels and other tools to make the stamped concrete hold for long. Stamped concrete has unlimited design, pattern, and stain options. it makes it the most popular form of pool deck resurfacing.


Sundek Classic Texture. Sundek is a household name in the field of pool decks. We are qualified and certified contractors of this fantastic product that helped launch an industry. It is best known for its uneven yet polished look. The trowel-like texture contributes non-slip and cool-to-the-feet touch even under the hottest Orlando sun.

We offer the most affordable and practical solutions to your pool deck problems. Call us. Our team will let you know what's wrong to take action on your Orlando pool deck Resurfacing!

A pool deck is no small investment. Being in a sweltering and warm city, we know that your pool area is like any room in your house. It is for everyday use. Take care of your pool deck by contacting Pool Deck Orlando. Let us make basking in the Florida sun as enjoyable as possible with a beautiful pool area that you won’t ever want to leave. We have been experts in the industry for over three decades. Our long history is a testament to our commitment to provide the best every Orlando’s pool owner.

Pool Deck Orlando is a proud member of Orlando community. We are committed to create better residential and commercial properties through concrete restoration, masterful craftsmanship, and smart design.
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