Offering a reliable, quality pool deck repair Orlando is here. Our company is the leading provider of pool deck repair services. Our team helps the majority of residential and commercial pool owners solve their pool problems throughout Florida.

Can you see some concave surfaces? They are due to old concrete. Are there chipping decks on the pool? Traditional coating applied poorly causes this. Discoloration, loose slabs or tiles, hollow spots on the decks of the pool are common issues. You can resurface the Orlando pool deck into a seamless and appealing leisure spot. Or, what you can do is to level the surface of the deck and the concrete floor. Make them look new, polished and seamless as expert service providers do.

A Neglected swimming pool do not have to suffer for a long time. Pool decks can be refinished, restored, or repaired with durable, fast installation concrete products. 

Do you need an accurate and affordable solution? Get in touch with us! We offer fast, reliable pool repair, anywhere you are in Orlando! Our friendly customer care representatives are ready to cater to you!

Pool Deck Problems and Causes

cracked-pool-deckAt first glance, crack and dents can be small and simple. However, when experts investigate, they find out it is a big issue that needs repairs. Fixing pool problems can benefit you greatly. So what are common pool deck problems you need to watch out?

Cracks in the Concrete Pool Deck

Underneath the pool decks are unseen, often neglected small flaws, like thin tiny cracks. When left unattended, the cracks cause further problems. Cracks are common pool issues that lead to the loss of water in the pool bed.

Poor Pool Foundation and Installation

The poorly done installation or leveling commonly causes walls separating, loose slabs underneath, or wet, muddy pool area near the decks.

A movement underneath the cement substrate usually causes cracks on the surface. The ground’s base or foundation is uneven. Or it could also be that the soil is prone to erosion. Also, soils weaken due to weather changes. 

When installers ignore these factors during installation, problems will eventually grow more prominent. You can avoid this by having proper preparation every time your pool areas need repair and more.

 Sloping Decks

Sloping decks are common problems happening in pools. Especially as time passes, the base floors or the ground had weathered. Also, this occurs when poorly installed decks were applied. A weak substrate or foundation also leads to sloping.

Sinkhole Formation

Some areas might be prone to sinkhole formations. It can affect having a pool in your area. Due to the sinkhole’s activity, the soil underground could collapse, leaving your pool damaged severely. 

Heavy slabs

An incompatible substrate and concrete can lead parts of the pool deck to collapse. When the slabs installed over the raw ground or substrate are more massive, the soil will sink.

Local Area’s Weather Patterns

Extreme heat turning into a non-stop rainy season can change your decks’ condition drastically. Acquiring the right materials is the solution. If you are somewhere or near Florida, the constant weather change is unavoidable. Certain materials fit a particular climate in an area. Most problems appeared when materials and requirements were not communicated effectively with your contractor.

Essential Pool Deck Repair Options

So many ways you can have your pool updated and restored from damages. Having a basic knowledge of essential repairs for pools can help you easily talk with the professional contractors. Here are some basic options for you and see if it will help you with your pool problems.

Concrete Pool Deck Levelling

So many ways you can have your pool updated and restored from damages. Having a basic knowledge of essential repairs for pools can help you easily talk with the professional contractors. Here are some basic options for you and see if it will help you with your pool problems.

Resurfacing Pool Deck

Resurfacing is a cost-efficient and quick repair method for pool decks. It upgrades your pool’s look and instantly repairs damaged spots.
Orlando Pool deck resurfacing is less expensive than the replacement of existing decks. Resurfacing techniques are practical and provide you a valuable investment. It makes your properties look high-end. The material lasts long, so you do not need costly repairs in the future.
If you want to depart from traditional pool deck material, try resurfacing with advance and stylish concrete.

Why hire pool deck repair professionals?

Proficient with pools, our team of experts has years of experience. It makes us the top choice of both residential and commercial property owners!
We are a locally owned and operated pool deck repair company. Working with local owners makes us familiar with every pool repair needs among the local residential and commercial pools.
Our goal is to satisfy clients with lasting results. Whatever repair requirement you have – whether major or minor, we will fix it!
We are licensed, bonded, and insured contractors – doing our jobs safe and protected.

Call us! There are more available options for you! Let our team help you find the solution that fits your needs!
Pool Deck Orlando is a proud member of Orlando community. We are committed to create better residential and commercial properties through concrete restoration, masterful craftsmanship, and smart design.
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