Old and Outdated. Your Orlando pool screams that it needs a do-over. After years of providing you the fun side of life and relaxing days by the poolside, it’s now time for the pool deck for its grand transformation.


Offer your water-leisure space in Orlando a renovation. To offer you options of pool remodeling is your trusted and locally-loved contractor, Pool Deck Orlando. We are providing services for both residential and commercial pools.

What are my Options for Pool Decking Remodeling and Renovation?

Concrete sealing and refinishing can restore and cover-up common damages. Although these operations give absolute prevention from breaking the whole flooring system, you’ve figured that a pool decking is too worn out.


It is also due to a faulty installation from a different contractor. It can be just simply a property revamp and plans that your Orlando pool decking gets a redo. A pool needs remodeling by your choice. This time you opt for an intense concrete surgery on your outdoor surfaces.


Here, skim through these updated ideas for the swimming pools, in-ground or above-ground.


Replacing old worn out concrete or old conventional tiles and other decking materials has one sure solution. It is an affordable and more efficient pool remodeling procedure.

Resurfacing with a concrete pool deck by removing old surfacing materials is the answer. Concrete pool resurfacing can utilize old slabs underneath. Before the process, the installer will make sure the reinforcement and the substrates are well-prepared, damage free, and ready for pouring a whole new layer of concrete.

This is a less expensive form of renovation for pools. A concrete contractor does this with precision and accuracy. To give the polls deck, a concrete surface time is essential. For the new cement slab’s layer to adhere to the ground, perfect curing is necessary.

Types of Resurfacing

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You can now depart from faulty tiles or outdated pool materials. Have more seamless, polished-looking decks through resurfacing. This process can be finished with stamping and sealing. 


Stamping – gives polished and textured finish. A rubber stamp is pressed down a wet concrete layer to provide a pattern that mimics other materials like tile, paver, brick, and natural stones.


Sealing- a resin-based sealer or epoxy coating finishes the surface and adds waterproofing and protection from chemicals. It increases slip-resistance too.

Acrylic coatings are the ones that provide coloring and glossy finishing.


Spray Texture Finishing – achieve a distinct texture and color on the pool deck. The spray texture provides a surface made for barefoot walking by the poolside.


Building Fire and Water Features

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Add a Fire Pit


When you decide to renovate the swimming area, it is the right moment for you to build or add other concrete features. A concrete decking will level up with a fire pit on it. 


The fire accent is fixed on the deck to offer a fire palace by the pool spot. A cozy and warm pool area invites a relaxing ambiance.


Water features


Vertical, cascading water forms by the pool deck is a sure win for the hearts of pool enthusiasts. What more can you give when remodeling a pool. This is the perfect feature on your property to maximize the water elements that balance the view in your properties’ exterior.  

Add on a jacuzzi or a waterfall effect for enjoying the waters. Dip into massaging water or relax in the sight of flowing and falling current.


Personalized Decks

You can renovate your swimming pool area because you can add personalized and customized decking features. 

Here are some decking options for you:


  • Cascading Deck – a seamless concrete deck can achieve a natural flowing seamless surface morphing with the water’s edges in the pool. It mimics that beachside where sand and water cascade with each other.
  • Extending Decks – deck extensions can add a new look and upgrades the appeal in your pool. Deck extensions can be concrete steps or wooden decking that mimics a dock in front of the bay area. 
  • Mixed and Match Decks – pool decking can produce more style when incorporating concrete with other materials like aggregate, travertine, tiles, and pavers.
  • Functional Decks – use the deck not only for sitting or strolling by the poolside. You can also give it a usable space for a dining area, reading lounge, or a wading area or Baja shelf for the children.

Pool Coping

When is the time for pool coping? Let us first define what coping is. It is the material that surrounds the shell wall of the pool. A poured-concrete copes the edges of the pool. The concrete can also be pre-casted on the shell wall of the pool. Other options include copying with tiles, natural stones, aggregates, or pavers.

When is the Cost & Best Time for Renovation?

If you are experiencing the following scenarios in your swimming pool, you should call pool deck renovation experts.


  • Outstanding Damages- some flaws simply can be covered-up anymore. It’s better to seek remodeling and transforming the whole pool deck system. It will ensure safety and sound material to keep you relaxed and comfortable when in the pool.
  • Outdated Design & Materials – old materials and worn-out styles cannot serve the pool’s purpose anymore. You now need to remodel the pool.
  • Repeated Repair- imagine how much cost you could save from avoiding redundant repairs on your sinking pool decks or concave surfaces. There are more damages for you to treat if this is happening.

Having known all these considerations, your next step is to call an expert and professional pool contractor for you to get the exact pool deck renovation cost.


Pool Deck Orlando is a proud member of Orlando community. We are committed to create better residential and commercial properties through concrete restoration, masterful craftsmanship, and smart design.
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