Don’t let the poolside drown out of appeal. If you see the swimming pool deck starts looking worn out, then it’s time for refinishing. Concrete sealing is a necessary process to preserve and refresh the concrete pool deck.

As time goes by, the top layer of the pool’s steps will lose its vibrant color. A pool deck refinishing Orlando technique helps retain the strength and resilience of the concrete pool deck. It also restores the glossy and dynamic look of the pool’s surfacing.

Pool Deck Refinishing: Installation Process

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Our team will help you revive the life out of the pool’s surface! Refinishing is an efficient and affordable option. This works best with the existing concrete deck. It is better than a replacement. You can choose from spraying concrete coatings to a simple application of waterproof paint.

Work with our contractors who have the proficiency and accuracy to ensure outstanding qualities of the concrete surface.

Let us walk you through the necessary steps the contractors will employ during the process:


Fail to prepare, and you know what goes next. An expert installer does preparation well. The slabs ready and perfect for sealing minimizes faulty results. Thus, reducing flaws and irregular formations on the concrete. In this step, a shot blasting technique is necessary to smoothen out and clear the surface of the deck before coating.


Before you call the professionals to install a new layer of coating or sealer, be sure to have a primary clearing and cleaning of the decks. Remove unnecessary clutter or leisure tools surrounding the swimming area before any process begins.


This is a crucial process during preparation. You can leave shot blasting to the professionals. The experts will use the right tools and techniques. In some instances, a shot blaster or a power washer machine is also available for rental. But the process requires accuracy to control the removal of dirt.


The dirt and damage on the concrete had accumulated over time. Removing excessive sand and soil will be too messy. An expert employs a particular technique to keep this process in control.

Step 3 - REPAIRS

Before a new coating is applied, it is also necessary to repair existing cracks. Holes may have emerged as well, so filling it first is a must. A new layer of finishing will protect the concrete beneath, but it will cause you further problems if slight damages had been growing. Instead of you getting a quick restoration, you will end up having a replacement will is costly and time-consuming.


Putting a thin layer of a micro-sealer or a top coat before the final finishing is necessary. It ensures that the deck has even layers before the final touches. A micro-topping requires a minimal amount of coating sprayed on the pavement or concrete.


An experts’ skill will finish this step correctly. Spraying with a thin coating must be done by a professional to control the spraying gun.


The final step is coating the pool deck with the stain, paint, or color that suits your taste. The key to this step is to cover the surface evenly to achieve a uniform blend of the pigment no matter what type of finishing you choose. This will give the pool decks’ its fresh look and bring its vibrant colors back.

Services We Offer

Applying a new concrete sealing can be achieved with three different types of resurfacing pool decks. Depending on your requirements, you can have a resealing, overlay stamping, or spraying.


Spraying. A quick, easy sealing technique is spraying. This type of service produces a distinct texture. The spray coating uses a mix of additives that enhances the feel and look on a concrete surface. 


Overlays. Concrete overlays and stamping is your best choice for a pool deck if you want durable and lasting outdoor flooring. This technique makes use of resin-based coatings and additives into the cement. The overlay is concrete over concrete. Stamping the concrete overlay is the solution to achieve customizable designs and patterns to match your exterior design.


Moreover, stamped overlays are also excellent materials to mimic other concrete textures and forms. You can finish your concrete pool deck with the look of a natural stone, a brick, or a sandy texture. 


Refinishing. Refinishing is the simplest. It’s the more practical idea to reseal your pool deck. It can be achieved using paints, staining, or spraying a clear coating. A block of existing concrete can maximize its lifespan. Info damage occurs on the slabs, but the aesthetic is already fading, then recoloring through refinishing works!


What to Expect from Refinishing my Pool Deck?

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Reap many benefits when you choose to refinish for your Orlando pool decking. 


1- Enhanced Form and Function.


Restoring the beauty of durable concrete is a must. If you have a previously installed concrete decking on the swimming pool, the strength and resilience remain. But exposing to water elements and different leisure happenings, the surface will fade its color and vibrant quality. 

Reducing the pool decking’s aesthetic will minimize the fun for people relaxing by the swimming area. Applying a sealer will rejuvenate the natural glam of concrete surfacing. Adding a new coating over the top layer will also add resistant property. As the coatings’ retouch is done, the surface will again repel sains, harmful heat, excessive water, and many more.


2- Cost-Efficient Solution


Refinishing will not require replacing the whole concrete flooring on your swimming pool area. This process is affordable. Concrete sealing service is a suitable option to restore the natural elegance of your pool decks.


You will not need to install new slabs. Your contractors will provide restoration of your old, loved, and well-kept concrete. Modern, innovative techniques are what you will need to restrain the floor’s durability and restore its lasting beauty.


Even if there are existing cracks on the flooring sublayer, you can cover up the flaws with a thin concrete coating. It will repair it completely. T is not enough to see and fox the damages. This service offers you a renewed layer of final coatings that will enhance the deck’s resilience and give back the concrete surfaces’ gloss.


3- Increased Lifespan of the Pool Decking


If you call the professionals to handle the pool deck resealing, they will employ a suitable solution for you. They will not replace your old concrete, especially if the slabs are well-kept and still haven’t reached their maximum lifespan. 


Your professional contractors will offer you recoloring, coating, or resealing. Depending on your needs, you can also try looking into transforming or upgrading the old decking into concrete stamping and overlays. 


Interested in refinishing? Practical and accessible! Retain your pool decking’s lasting quality with concrete sealing. Call Pool Deck Orlando today - (407) 505-5338;

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