There is nothing better than walking out of your backdoors once summer rolls around to greet the sunlight and warmth. But too many cracks in the floors, uninspiring decor, and a boring landscape can do a lot to dampen the mood.

There are some things you can during the summer period to make sure your outdoor space is absolutely perfect for all the things you have planned for it – from lazy pool days to entertaining guests. We’ve come up with a list of the 5 things you can do this summer to do just that, all carefully chosen for maximum impact.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

pool deck resurfacing orlandoA pool is an indispensable part of any outdoor space. And maintaining it to make sure it’s both attractive and safe for swimmers is an important task to get to every summer. And resurfacing a pool deck before the cracks become massive leaks is a preemptive move against spending even more money to repair the leaks.

Resurfacing a pool deck can restore it to its original appearance and keep the cracks from harming some feet. It can also be a good time to install some new textures to the pool deck to keep it from getting too hot. You will need a professional pool deck contractor to complete this job for you, however.

Repaint Furniture

painting toolsThere is no need to go out and replace every piece of furniture whose color starts to peel off or fade. Save those extra dollars for something else and instead buy some paint and a paintbrush and get to work.

Not only is it an affordable DIY project, but it can also be a good opportunity to paint your furniture fresh new colors that are trendy this year. Try pinks, dark greens, and marine blues for a crisp new look.

Freshen Up Your Garden

pool side landscapingPlants and other greenery can break up an overly grey or dull landscape and inject fresh life into it. Large plants can also be used as natural shade for the pool and give the feeling of the tropic right in your backyard.

Some plants do better near the pool than others. A bird of paradise, various cacti and succulents, geraniums, and angel’s trumpets do well in full and partial sun and are not prone to shedding into the pool.

Power Cleaning

power washingThere is nothing more satisfying than a strong power wash on your outdoor floors. It can effectively remove built-up grime and dirt that has been collecting since the last time you power washed them.

But aside from giving the surface a sparkling new look, it will also prevent mold and mildew from damaging the surface of your floors.

A New Cooler

rotmolded coolerYour cooler doesn’t need to be a callback to the 90s that leaks all over the place and does not actually cool your drinks. Many models exist today that can make your life and your parties easier.

Rotomolded coolers are made of plastic that is more durable and better at insulation, which makes them extremely effective at their job, but at a high price. Still, if you’re looking for the best on the market, a rotomolded cooler is it.

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