cracked-pool-deckKnowing how to identify the kind of damages emerging from the pool decks will save you time, money, and energy. You will figure out in no time what sort of fix to fit just right for the faulty concrete in your pool’s flooring and decking systems.

Getting in touch with a pool deck repair Orlando expert will be no fuss for you. Gaining knowledge on how to tell the type of issues surfacing in your property will let you apply the perfect solution.

Here are signs to see for you to tell how a pool deck is damaged or not.

1- Growth of Molds & Aglae

pool-deck-renovationAlgae in pools are common. Even if they don’t necessarily form any damages except green stains to clean, they can tell you that a lingering issue that needs attention exists somewhere. How can you know this?

Water turning green means that the algae and molds found a niche in your swimming pool. Scrubbing fixes the satins. But excessive greening may tell you that the scrubbing is not enough.

The pool flooring and decking ay need refinishing. The pre-existing coating may have given its maximum performance, and it’s beginning to wear down.

A crack may also be growing. The moisture from the soil build-up gave molds a breeding ground for them to increase and cause excessive staining on the pool water.

2- Color Fading

A concrete deck uses an acrylic-based top coating. It is the reason why the deck looks vibrant and stunning even after getting exposed to too much water. Due to time and weathering, the protective layer may lose effectiveness. A refinishing is done to restore the pool decks’ vibrant color and glossy appearance.


This also tells you that the coating may be too old or that rainwater may have washed out the layer’s protective substance.

3- Discoloration on the Surface

Discoloration happens to the pool decking, and then it can, later on, affect the pool water. Pool water turning cloudy or muddy may tell you that the concrete decking got damaged.


Cracked concrete may cause residues of the soil to seep into the pool basin. The concrete with cracked edges will turn the surface into a dark and muddy color.


Discoloration of the water can be a significant sign that faulty concrete was installed. When this happens, the unleveled ground comes out as a result. Item #4 will tell more about this damage and its warning signs.

4- Uneven Surface

Noticing an uneven surface is your signal that a faulty or cracked concrete may be lingering beneath the pool deck. The sublayers may have been broken. Water will leak into the ground and will cause loosening of the soils and substrate.


Loose soils underground will make the ground and cement move. As time goes by, the concrete deck above will lose its reinforcements and support below. Hollow gaps can reinforce the decking above to break.


To identify accurately that a broken concrete has been needing your attention, you could look for muddy surfaces as you walk along the poolside.


You will notice a spot where water bubbles up suddenly as your foot put on some weight ina single area. Water begins to leak on the surface where concrete is placed.

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