Embellishing the swimming pool area with different hues is an inexpensive and practical way to breathe life into it. A splash of color here and there help to make it appear lively and inviting. Colorful elements against a neutral pool area also help it stand out among the neighborhood. If you’re ready to give your pool area a boost, here are ideas on how you can do so.

chaise loungesPoolside Furniture

Poolside furniture not only works as functional pieces. It’s also a great way to display colorful elements and different textures. Opt for bold, solid colors when choosing statement pieces like chaise lounges. Casbah chairs can be in a neutral color and decorated with colorful cushions. The same goes for outdoor sofas that can be adorned with throw pillows in different patterns and the same color scheme. A sheer white curtain around a gazebo also helps make this colors pop.

floating fluorescent orbsPool Area Lighting

Multicolored lighting is great for cool breezy nights. Color in the pool water with underwater pool light fixtures. Use floating fluorescent orbs or floating lamps for charming above-water decor. Pool deck lighting fixtures can light up the area with different hues. Whichever you choose, lighting will bring brightness and vibrancy to a drab pool area.

pool side landscapingPoolside Landscaping

Here’s a natural way to enhance your pool area with color: poolside landscaping. With enough care, tropical flowering plants can thrive in Orlando. These plants come in an array of vivid colors that really lift up the pool area look. Bougainvillea flowers come in pink, purple, red, yellow and white hues and are ideal for areas with a lot of sun exposure. Other ideal plants include Siberian Iris, Panicle Hydrangea and Angelonia.

pool deck orlandoDecorative Concrete for Pool Deck

A more permanent solution that doesn’t require frequent maintenance is a decorative concrete pool deck. Decorative concrete applications such as stamped concrete, classic texture, and concrete staining are great options. These applications incorporate color, pattern, and texture to the concrete pool deck. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, this is the way to go.

pool inflatable floatersSwimming Pool Accessories

Swimming pool accessories can be functional, fun and colorful. Inflatable floaters are rising in popularity because of their amusing shapes and bright colors. Pool noodles are also a multicolored classic along with beach balls and sun umbrellas. You can even opt for colorful bean bags inspired by the beaches of Bali. The possibilities are endless.

The pool area is a great addition to any home. With the right design choices, you can turn it into an inviting and lively space for recreation. To learn more about the different ways you can enhance your pool area, visit our home page.

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