We only want what’s best when it comes to remodeling and improving our swimming pool decks. And what better entity to handle such a task than local companies, like Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing Orlando. Companies offer top-quality and excellent swimming pool deck resurfacing maintenance and repair services. They are professional and experienced. But what about working on pool decks as a DIY? What are the odds? We’ll make a splash right into a remodeling and resurfacing and answer if a DIY is something you can do.

Pool Deck Resurfacing?

That is an excellent question. For starters, resurfacing is an approach to upgrade old concrete or other surfaces to function and appeal better. It does not cost a lot to get it worked up, and installing a coating or overlay is a straightforward procedure. Resurfacing your pool decks gives them a second shot at life. You can take it easy and forget about replacing the structure once you have some resurfacing done.

Can I DIY Pool Resurfacing?

Yes, you can. Resurfacing a pool as a do-it-yourself endeavor is as easy as pie. And the best part of it all is that you spearhead the project. This aspect allows you to control anything and everything that goes and happens as it progresses. Check out the advantages below when considering your task: 

  • Expenses for things that include materials you will use
  • The overall time frame of the DIY project
  • When and how you will do it
  • You have the creative freedom for the job – the design is up to you

The Cost Of A DIY

The average cost of a pool patio resurfacing job is $4 to $12 per square foot. However, each pool improvement job is unique. And how much you will allot for your resurfacing pool cost will depend on a variety of things. 


  • What type of materials to use
  • The property’s location
  • Customizations
  • The type and severity of your pool deck’s damage


diy pool deck resurfacing

DIY Versus The Professionals

Hiring professional concrete pool deck specialists will have a tremendously positive effect on your pool patios and decks. And turning it into a DIY is a swell idea, too. Here is a brief comparison between the refinishing methods.


  • You can save more cash.
  • You can adjust the work pace as you desire.
  • Turn the project into a bonding experience with loved ones.
  • You can install coatings with or without customizing them.


  • Professionals deliver high-quality and efficient results.
  • There is less risk for errors when they get to work.
  • Hiring a company saves you and your money from resurfacing rip-offs.
  • They get down to business and finish things on time.

DIY Pool Resurfacing Options

There is a wide variety of pool resurfacing options available. And here we have some of the best and in-demand picks for commercial and residential pool decks.

  •       Stamps

Stamps are ideal for outdoor pool decks. This approach can replicate many naturally-occurring elements.

  • Exposed Aggregate

Property owners love exposed aggregate, thanks to its slip-resistant quality. It also boasts a variety of designs and colors you can select.

  • Rock-Salt Finish

This option is quick to install, and it is inexpensive as well. You get a weathered rock-like appearance for your structures and surfaces.

  • Stencils

Stencils are the next best thing if you want an alternative to stamps. They offer a broad set of designs and patterns workers will apply using paper stencils.

  • Broom Finish

A broom finish is one of the most common types of refinishing methods. But it allows you to install other types of coats, such as stencils and dyes.

To Conclude Things

A DIY pool resurfacing undertaking rewards you in a lot of ways. However, things don’t always go according to plan, putting your project at risk. If things get awry, it is best to let a licensed contracting company with years of experience. They will handle things on your behalf.

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