Design and materials go together when choosing an option for your pool.

The look that you want to achieve for your pool depends on what materials are suitable. A residential pool deck resurfacing Orlando uses various kinds of pool deck finishings.

Here are some of the widely used pool decking materials:

  • Concrete Pool Decks
  • Rock-salt Finish
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Colored Concrete
  • Broom Finish
  • Tiles
  • Pavers
  • Wood Decks
  • Exposed Aggregate 

Today’s blog will talk about each of these pool deck options. Know what will meet your preference in terms of design and function. Choose one that also matches the climate and feel in your area.

residential pool deck

Decorative Pool Deck Options

Pool decks design matters. It keeps the place exciting and adds to the overall vibe. How your pool looks is a big factor in making anyone feel chill and relaxed by the pool. Below are the pros and cons of each pool decking type.

1- Concrete pool decks

Concrete pool decks alone give you many options. Under this type, you can pick among stamped overlays, cool deck finish, stained concrete, or colored concrete.

Stamped concrete pool decks. 

The stamped designs create patterns that mimic the look of stone, wood, slate, bricks, and even pavers.

A rubber mat treads the design onto the fresh overlay of concrete. 

If you want a practical solution for your old and damaged pool decks, concrete stamping is an efficient idea to revamp the decks that surround your pool. 

Colored Concrete. 

A traditional way to spice up your pool decks is to add pigment to the grey cement surface.

The coloring that the concrete decks use is a form of powdered pigment.

It consists of iron oxide that transforms the surface into subtle earthy colors when you mix it into a cement base.

Take note that this is a different material from dye, paint, or stains. 

Broom finish.

When you have a concrete pool deck or any outdoor concrete, a broom finish is an easy and fast way to design the surface.

A flooring installer will scrape the tip of a broom over freshly poured concrete. It creates fine, narrow lines over the surface, thus reflecting the bristles of a broom.

This distinct look also gives an innovative solution to develop non-skid flooring.

2- Wooden Decks

Wood looks good. It creates a classic country vibe around the pool area. 

At first, you may hesitate to use wood as your pool’s deckings due to its perishable appearance. Will it not rot away fast if it gets exposed to water constantly? No. it won’t if you live in very humid areas like Orlando and nearby coastal cities.


Imagine the docks beside the shore; those steps are made of wood. So, it is the same with the wooden materials you will use for your pools’ deckings.

3- Rock Salt Finish

The rock salt finish has a distinct texture and patterns. To create that unique design of sandy, rocky beachside vibe, this is your option. 

An actual rock salt formed into small pieces at an inch volume is added to the concrete’s surface. Rock salt is a form of a hard object, so it also adds to the concrete deck’s durability.

4- Tiles and Pavers

If you want something practical and very accessible all year round, use tile or pavers. These materials are very easy to install. It comes with many pieces that are arranged over the ground.

These pool decking materials can be tricky because you need to make sure that each piece adheres to the surface effectively. 

A loose tile or paver may cause further damages to the pool deck’s substrate. While they seem to be a cheaper option, maintenance and repair may get you to spend more.

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