While waiting for the summer to come, this is the best time for you to start imagining a perfect pool deck recolor Orlando. What is recoloring the pool deck? The pool’s aesthetic drives people to have a dive in the cold water. Whether you have a commercial or residential swimming pool, designing its decking system is a crucial factor. When designing, one of the features to focus on is the color theme.

Summer speaks of heat and waves. A cool blending of vibrant colors balances the warmth of the Sunshine State. If you want to transpire the hot and classy lifestyle of a true-blue Orlando into your pool decks’ designs, then this blog is for you.

In this article, we’ll relieve your coloring days!

Choosing the Color!

pool deck recolor orlandoRemember when you were young, and some children would laugh at unflattering clothing color combinations? It could be your friend’s or your own experience. Since then, you promised to learn about choosing the right colors. The same goes for your home and business spaces now that you’re a grown-up.

If you got exterior accents such as the swimming pool, you need to match it with your exterior’s design’s theme colors.

Here are some pointers for you to learn in choosing colors:

  • Choose according to the color of your home’s exterior walls. 

Your home might be a romantic-inspired style or a modern contemporary home. Modern will use lighter, neutral colors. 

Classical themes will usually go for warm earthy colors. It’s either you go for some contracting element or make a good transition with coinciding colors.

  • Choose a color to match the exterior’s materials.

You may have wooden homes or concrete buildings. The materials used for building your residential or commercial structure are essential to how you can decide on your pool decking’s color. 

You may have a wooden house. Wood usually goes well with cool, nature-inspired colors. Choosing something neutral can be tricky, so be careful and seek an expert’s opinion. 

What you could have is a brick house. You can go for brick patterns and colors, which are subdued reds and washed browns.

  • Choose a monochromatic theme.

Producing a monochromatic effect around your exterior is one sure and most effective color matching technique. Nothing can go wrong when you choose to form the same shade of the colors around your exterior. Playing different shades of a single color tone creates tons of visual styles.

For a pool deck, you can try something lighter if your exterior has darker colors. Choosing a darker shading for the decks also works. But if the surface has light themes and accents, the safe choice is still to go for lighter shades.

  • Natural Colors 

Since the pool decks are outdoor concrete materials, one coloring concept is to go natural. Nature colors reflect the elements of water, earth, air, and fire. 

Recoloring your pool decks with natural colors is best applied with staining. The mottled and washed effect of the stained concrete pool deck reflects the patterns of natural stones. Green and grey pigments work well together. An exposed cement on the pool matches the green landscapes of the backyard swimming area.


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