Vitamin D is about to pour its healing heat as summer comes near you. Sunbathe on a stamped concrete pool deck Orlando. Get quality vitamin D on a quality pool deck to build with durable material and a comfortable finish. Before you splash in the waves at the beach or the residential swimming pool, take a dip under the gentle kiss of the sun beside the pool waters.

elegant swimming pool

But to make someone excited to sit and relax on a concrete pool deck, you have to dress it up with attractive decors or design it with stunning aesthetics.
Here is how to do it. Check these five pool deck designs to enjoy the summer in your backyard pools.


  • Pool deck with lawn
  • Elevate the pool decks
  • Flare with flagstone patterns
  • Combine the pool decks with the Patio
  • Would go for wood stamping

Backyard Pool Deck Designs to Fall Your Back On

Here is a nifty trick to make people love your swimming pools. Have them feel the decks and make their backs lay on them. Ouch, would not that burn their skin? Not if you have a cold decking system installed on it. While you finish the decks with cooling acrylic coating, decor the decks with the following ideas.

1. Pools Deck's Designed with Lawn

This will give you a pool decking surrounded by green grass. But be wise when choosing what type of lean-like grass to use. The best choice would be a Bermuda grass trimmed at the right length before summer comes.

To minimize your cost for purchasing expensive Bermuda, combine it with stamped concrete or a spray knockdown finished concrete.

With the lawn-like stirp outlining the swimming pool, anyone can use it to lie down to bathe under the sun and get tanned.

2. Elevate It!

Next is to create extensions of the decks, like a stair. Or simply an extra step made of comfortable, cool decks or concrete with a stamped overlay. If you have already resurfaced the decks with concrete, this will be easy for you. If not, you may opt to combine the existing type of deck with a concrete pool deck. It will be fast and quick to install, or you can even have it DIY.

3. Flagstone Patterned Pool Decks

Flagstones will bring out a luxurious look and feel to your swimming area. Flagstone patterned pool decks got a seamless, travertine-like appeal. The bluish-grey tone of the material can be achieved with a cost-efficient stamped concrete: flagstone bears a slate-like form and shape.

The surface would have a delicate texture or streaks that look like a diamond cut edge. It’s sleek and fine-looking, perfect for plain linear pools. Amplify the look of flagstone decks when you finish the pool’s interior with bluish or oceanic colored pool flooring.

4. With a Patio

pool with patio

Something that is now getting more recognition is the pool-patio design. This is achieved by resurfacing the outdoor floors with a seamless cement floor from the front yard or the Patio to the poolside or the backyard pool.

This design is suitable for properties where the swimming pool is located by the side of the house and would only have a small space for the backyard. L-shaped pool decks will also fit perfectly with the pool-patio design.

5. Would go for Wood Stamping

If you opt for wood to build the pool’s decks but feel it’s more expensive, rely on wood-stamped concrete.

Resurface the existing content pool decks with stamped overlay finished with wooden patterns. The pool deck contractor would use actual wood planks to make the stamping mats. So, the outcome is not far from the natural wood, and it’s a win-win wooden situation for you.

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